What You Get At Integrezo.

A pool of resources that research and researchers need. We prioritize the researcher's needs.

Research in less available funds.

Collaborating will always benefit in half the project cost.

Example: The organization will not be required to buy new instruments for specific research. In preclinical studies, working on the same disease would cut down the cost of ELISA Kits or specific markers or biochemical parameters. Also, groupings like normal, disease, and standard can be the same.

Experienced mentors can help you learn new skills.

Collaborate with Mentors From Top Institutes in India.

Collaboration with different Research Institutes or organizations would allow you to get valuable insights from experts in the respective areas. Visiting different labs and interacting with other scientists will enable you to learn the magic of research and a wealth of experience.

Integrezo's Customized Research assistant tools.

Research tools are essential for conducting research.

From sampling to statistical analysis, plagiarism check to writing assistant tools like grammar, paraphrasing, and referencing have ease doing the research. Finding all of them in one place will ease of more. Integrezo is the party home for these tools, where researchers can get access to them all in one place without signing up and paying for them individually

Research on latest Developments

Research on latest development be it in Science, Biotechnology or Arts.

Get the chance to work on latest research topics with research projects from topinnovative research institutes in India. Collaborate with the best scholars around the country.